Necoshiba is a litter mat for cats.
It's softer than average artificial turf and the tips of the
bristles are curbed so that they gently touch paw pads.
If you place the product underneath the litter box,
it helps remove kitty litter from their pads before they track it all over the house.


Product Information

The soft bristles can thoroughly remove litter left among pads.

The product grabs and holds any size of litter from your pet’s paws and prevents litter scatter.

The mat has small holes which also prevent the scatter because they allow some litter to pass through to the floor.
When you clean up the particles under the mat, move it out of the place and sweep.
We recommend you to use OPPO Okichiri (a compact brush and dustpan set) for easy cleaning.

When the product gets dirty, you can easily wash it with water.

The 30×30 cm product can be easily fitted by linking individual pieces together to cover any size space, as big or as small as you want. You can use it as a litter mat and a pet rug.


Color Green/Brown/Orange
Price Include 4pcs: 2,310 yen(including tax)
8pcs set (4pcs x 2) 4,400 yen(including tax)
Materials EVA resin (Containing antibacterial agent)
Size 300(W)x300(D)x20(H)mm(1mat)
Weight 210g(1mat)

* 1. The eight mat set is shipped as two sets of four mats.
(The product packaging and everything else is the same as the content of a four mat set.)
* 2. The eight mat sets are shipped in quantities of four cases or more.
(This is 20 sets. It is not possible to mix colors. It is not possible to break down cases.)
* 3. The eight mat sets are shipped the next business day.
* 4. The eight mat sets are only shipped direct to sales outlets.

JAN/Stock Number

Green 4904771 110370/MR-669-294-1
Brown 4904771 110387/MR-669-294-4
Orange 4904771 110394/MR-669-294-8