Pet Carrier muna FL

Pet Carrie muna FL is wider than muna and allows your cat to lie down and curl up in it comfortably.
The product gives a snug place to your pet.
You can also use the carrier for dogs up to 6 kg.


Product Information

The front mesh window can be opened from the top.When you take your cat to the vet , you would always put it in a carrier. So your pet seems to have a negative feeling about it. But if you have muna FL, you can smoothly put it in from the top even if it refuses to enter.

You can close the side mesh windows with covers.The covers of the side windows make your cat feel relax even if it’s coward. They keep warm inside as well.

The bottom has the studs.The product has 4 bottom studs so that the carrier can stand steadily on the floor and ground.

The additional belts are included.You can tie the carrier in a rear seat belt firmly with the additional belts .


Color Light Gray/Light Red/Light Blue
Price 24,200 yen(including tax)
Materials Body/Cloth: Polyester , Mesh: Polyester・PVC
Belt: Nylon resin , Buckle: POM
Metal fittings: Steel・Magnet
Cushion: Polyurethane , Bottom: EVA
Core material: PP・EVA・Glass fiber
Insole: Polyester・PE
Shoulder belt: Cotton・Steel
Size 430mm(W)x300mm(D)x330mm(H)
Weight 1,600g

JAN/Stock Number

  Pet Carrier muna FL
Light-Gray 4904771 113968/OT-668-210-6
Light-Red 4904771 116440/OT-668-210-2
Light-Blue 4904771 116457/OT-668-210-3