Pet Carrier muna

Pet Carrier muna always creates a relaxing atmosphere
for your furry family member wherever it goes.


Product Information

The carrier helps easier situations for both you and your pet when you take it to the veterinary hospital etc. You can also place the carrier at home as one of your pet's whereabouts. You can carry the product on your back, shoulder, with your hand and your wheeled carry.

The simple and sophisticated appearance fits well to your interior. You can regularly place it at home as one of your pet's whereabouts.
You can open the window widely to allow your pet to get in and out of it smoothly. It's also easy to clean up.

You can change the shape four different ways depending on the circumstances.
The carrier looks like a simply designed bag when you close the cover.
There are mesh windows at the front and both sides to allow great ventilation and air circulation inside the carrier.
The front window can be left open for your pet to keep its head outside.
You can leave the front window fully open so that your pet can get in and out of it smoothly at home.

You can use it as a carrier in 4 different ways.
You can carry it on your back, on your shoulder, with your hand and your wheeled carrier (the wheels don't come with the product).
You can wear it on your chest as a front pack carrier.
You can strap it into a seat.
You can place it vertically and horizontally at home.

Simple yet multi-functional.
The surface of the product is water-repellent and stain-resistant.
The product stands steadily with the flat plastic bottom even when your pet moves around in it.
The windows are breathable and resist scratching.
The double fasteners cannot be opened by your pet from the inside.
You can keep various things like refrigerants in a towel, heater packs, diapers, consultation tickets and so on in the side pocket.
When you shoulder it, the cushioned back fits well to your body. It absorbs shock while in motion and evenly disperses the weight of the bag.
You can put the product on a commercially available wheeled carry.
The inside is equipped with a lead to ensure your pet's safety.
The cushioned inner pad makes your pet relaxing to stay in.
The pad is removable and easy to clean up.
If you wrap the pad in a towel, you can use it as a urine absorber.
The shoulder belt can be attached.


Color Light Brown/Dark Gray/Pink
Price 19,800 yen(including tax)
Materials Body/Cloth: Polyester , Mesh: Polyester・PVC
Belt: Nylon resin , Buckle: POM
Metal fittings: Steel・Magnet
Cushion: Polyurethane , Bottom: EVA
Core material: PP・EVA・Glass fiber
Insole: Polyester・PE
Shoulder belt: Cotton・Steel
Size 430mm(W)x250mm(D)x405mm(H)
Weight 1,800g

JAN/Stock Number

  Pet Carrier muna
Light-Brown 4904771 111520/OT-668-220-4
Dark-Gray 4904771 111537/OT-668-220-5
Pink 4904771 111544/OT-668-220-7