Ketori is a uniquely shaped pet hair collector.
You can easily remove your pet hair from any fabric such as
your carpet, mats, sofas, car seats and cat toys etc.


Product Information

If you rub over the surfaces with the product, you can neatly collect hair into a pile.

If you squeeze it to open up the “mouth”, it can “swallow” the hair inside.
The unique activity will make cleaning more fun.
It can be a toy for your cat as well.

You can temporarily keep the removed hair inside the product and make fur balls out of collected hair as well.
The design of the product fits with in any spaces at home so that you can keep it at a place within your reach.


Color Berry/Orange/Blue
Price 1,320 yen(including tax)
Materials Body: Rubber
Size 62mm(W)x62mm(D)x87mm(H)
Weight 52g

JAN/Stock Number

Berry 4904771 103624/CL-669-000-2
Orange 4904771 103648/CL-669-000-8
Blue 4904771 103631/CL-669-000-3