FurRemover can efficiently remove your pet hair from your sofa and carpet with little effort.
It creates a comfortable environment with your pet.


Product Information

The jagged rubber double blade scrapes out embedded furs in your sofa and carpet efficiently.
The blade is designed to adjust the best angle between the product and the surfaces so that you can scrape and remove hair perfectly.

The uniquely shaped blade and the flexible material make it work so well. If you rub the surfaces, you can easily remove fallen hair entangled in fibers of upholstered furniture and carpet.

The product is easy to keep clean because collected hair is not entangled in the blade.
When the blade gets dirty, you can quickly wash it with water.


Color Cherry/Green
Price 1,320 yen(including tax)
Materials Grip: ABS resin,Blade: TPE
Size 151mm(W)x20mm(D)x59mm(H)
Weight 65g

JAN/Stock Number

Cherry 4904771 105581/CL-668-700-2
Green 4904771 105574/CL-668-700-1